Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership

How to apply for membership of BCAM

Please read the following criteria carefully, if you think you meet all the requirements, download an application form by clicking on the links below. Send your completed application form, along with ALL the required documentation to the BCAM head office.

Please make sure you attach the correct value in postage to your application to ensure they are delivered to the address below without delay.

Criteria for Associate Membership (for doctors working in the UK and Republic of Ireland)

  • Must have current full GMC registration (unrestricted i.e. no conditions, warnings or APS) with a licence to practice and/or be registered with the Irish Medical Council.
  • Evidence of completion of three years General Professional Medical Training after satisfactory completion of FY1 and FY2
  • Be able to show at least 12 months experience working within an aesthetic environment
  • Current and up to date CV detailing Aesthetic work
  • Proof of valid medical insurance/indemnity, a copy of your Insurance Certificate showing a minimum cover of £5million for non-invasive cosmetic procedures and £10million for invasive surgical procedures must be provided
  • Proof of all Aesthetic qualifications & training (including certificates)
  • DBS Certificate (enhanced check) of no more than 6 months old on application
  • You will need to provide the contact details of two UK registered healthcare professionals who can act as your referees (they must have known you for a period of at least 2 years in a professional capacity)
  • Evidence of previous Medical Appraisal (if applicable)
  • Initial membership fee of £363.00 (non refundable)

You may also be asked to produce one of the following documents:-

  • If you qualified outside of the European Union then a P.L.A.B Certificate is required (unless exempted by the GMC)
  • If qualified within the European Economic Association (other than UK) then an I.E.L.T.S Certificate (with an overall score of 7.5 or over) may be required. Please see our published guidance on English Language requirements.

Download Guidance on English Language Requirements

BCAM New Member Application Form

BCAM Professional Reference Form


As an Associate member of BCAM you will be required to adhere to the following:-

  • comply with the Articles and Regulations of the college
  • remain registered with a “licence to practice” with the GMC at all times
  • demonstrate ongoing participation in training and CPD activities in Aesthetic Medicine
  • evidence annual medical appraisal and compliance with GMC revalidation & relicensing criteria
  • pay all fees and subscriptions in a timely manner as required by the college

To avoid any delays in processing your application, please make sure you include copies of ALL the above documentation with your Application Form.

Please note we are sorry that we are unable to return any documentation even if your application is unsuccessful.


International Membership

A doctor who is NOT registered with the GMC or Irish Medical Council but IS registered with the equivalent licence to practice in the country in which they work, are entitled to apply for International Membership as long as they fulfill the same criteria as for Associate Membership.

Please note: An International Member will be bound by the Rules & Regulations of International Membership until such time as they become registered with the GMC with a licence to practice, at which time they will be entitled to re-apply for Associate Membership.


Full Membership

Associate membership is seen only as a stepping stone to becoming a full member.

Full membership is achieved by a Doctor who has been an Associate Member for 2 years or more and has fulfilled the criteria to advance to full membership, which includes attending the annual conference and carrying out the annual BCAM audit.

Fee to advance to a full member is £125.00 (non refundable)

Further details and an application form can be obtained by contacting the BCAM office, please telephone 01474 823900.




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