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What We Do

BCAM is a membership body that aims to inform and influence government thinking, represent its members’ interests, raise standards, educate the public and promote safe and ethical practice.

We are committed to:

  1. Maintaining the highest professional standards of practice in aesthetic medicine in relation to clinical practice and patient care
  2. Providing educational and professional development activities and opportunities for doctors and dentists
  3. Supporting research and auditing in aesthetic medicine
  4. Advancing the effective, safe and ethical practice of aesthetic medicine
  5. Providing information, guidance and advice on aesthetic medicine and associated health issues
  6. Promoting the prevention, diagnosis and effective treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions in relation to the practice of aesthetic medicine
  7. Advising and making representations to medical, governmental, regulatory and other such bodies as may be concerned with any of the aspects of aesthetic medicine
  8. Collaborating with medical, academic and other institutions in the UK and worldwide in the practice and development of aesthetic medicine
  9. Providing educational information and advice to the public and patients
  10. Remaining a not-for-profit organisation for its members and directors


BCAM member Dr Steven Harris talks about what BCAM represents, what the College provides and why membership is so valuable.