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Advancement Examinations

There are two examinations that form part of the BCAM membership progression pathway. The first is a final exam sat by Graduate Affiliates who have completed the BCAM curriculum and are ready to progress to Associate Member status. The exam covers all areas of the curriculum and confirms the Graduate Affiliate has the required knowledge and expertise to become a BCAM member. For more details about the Graduate Affiliate scheme, please click here.

The second is the MBCAM, a two-part examination sat by Associate Members who wish to progress to Full Member status. The first part of the exam is a multi-choice paper, the second is an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) and together they represent the gold standard in clinical excellence in aesthetic medicine.

BCAM has worked with leading academics to create the MBCAM, a masters-level examination that ensures all the College’s members achieve the very highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care.

There is a fee for sitting each of the MBCAM exams. Associate Members who wish to progress to Full Member should contact to discuss further.