Business & Clinical Forum Programme

Business & Clinical Forum Programme

BCAM Conference

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Church House Conference Centre 

Deans Yard, Westminster, London, SW1P 3NZ 

Registration Open


08:30-09:15      AGM MEMBERS ONLY

09:15-09:20      Welcome to the morning session with Dr Christine Coffey  

09.20-09.40     “PR How it can help us and our clinics” with Dr Uliana Gout

09:40-10:10     “The BCAM ACADEMY – an initiative to be proud of” with Dr Chrissy Coffey

                              Dr Sajjad Mughal – “Affiliates Overview”          Dr Miguel Montero – “Academy Mentorship”

10:10-10:45      “Give your lawyer the best chance to defend you” with Alaw Owen at Hill Dickinson

10:45-11.10      “Assessing the mental well- being of patients” with Norman Wright Psychotherapist from Wright Initiative

11:10-11:40        Morning break

11:40-12:10       “How to structure a successful organisation” with Paul Burgess CEO BACN

12:10-12.30       “CQC Registerable Procedures” with Dr Philip Dobson

12.30-13.00       “Appraisees and Appraisers Viewpoint” with Dr Paul Myers (Appraiser)

                             Dr Steve Harris (Appraisee)

13:00-13:55       Lunch

13:55-14:00       Welcome to afternoon session with Dr Uliana Gout

14:00-14.10       “Aesthetic Medicine aspiring to be a GMC recognised specialty” with Dr Paul Charlson

14.10-14.30       “GMC Involvement in Aesthetics” with Paula Robblee from the GMC 

14.30-14.50        “Litigation in Aesthetics” with Dr Sam Gammell past President of BCAM 

14:50-15:10       “Separating Anxiety from Body Dysmorphic Disorder” with Dr Max Malik 

15.10- 15.30      “Combination treatment for seborrheic keratoses & actinic lentignes”

                             with Dr Gabriel Siquier

15:30-16:00      Afternoon break

16:00-16:20    “Salvia Haenkei & Cellular Senescence: a new opportunity for topical treatment”

                            with Dr Gabriel Siquier

16:20-16:40      “Me, You & HIFU: Pleasing patients & Producing profit” – with Dr Nyla Raja

16:40-17.00      “Hypnosis for Aesthetic Procedures” with Dr Kathleen Long

17:00-17:20      “Which numbers should you know in your clinic and why?” with Ron Myers

17.20-17.30       “Prevalence of Body Dysmorphia amongst Aesthetic Practitioners” with Dr Steve Harris

17:30-19:00      Drinks Reception sponsored by Enhance Insurance