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Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning

Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning

Reverse Time, St Lawrence House, 2 Barnes Close, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9QX

Clinic number: 0333 444 0567

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Areas of Speciality

  • Aesthetic consultation and advice
  • Botulinum toxin treatment for excessive underarm sweating
  • Botulinumtoxin
  • Dual action fillers for collagen stimulation (Radiesse)
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (conventional and bio-identical)
  • lines and wrinkles causing distress
  • Management of acne and scarring
  • Medical Weight Management (BMI Recommendations and prescription weight loss treatment)
  • Microneedling (SkinPen) Collagen Induction Treatment
  • Non-invasive radiofrequency treatment for localised fat (TriLipo)
  • Non-permanent dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) for natural correction and maintenance
  • Non-surgical skin tightening / eyelid tightening using nitrogen plasma PSR3
  • Platelet rich plasma injections for skin and tissue regeneration
  • rosaceam melasma
  • SkinMed)
  • vitamin and amino acid mesotherapy)


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