Main Programme

Main Programme

BCAM Conference

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Church House Conference Centre 

Deans Yard, Westminster, London, SW1P 3NZ 

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08:30-09:15     AGM MEMBERS ONLY

09:15                Welcome to morning session with Conference Director, Dr Ruth Harker

09:15-09:30    Live demo by Emma Ravichandran – “Peri-oral treatment using dental blocks”

09:30-09.45    Live demo by Dr Zack Ally “Non- surgical rhinoplasty”

09.45-10.15     Mr Nigel Mercer FSSA President & past President of BAPRAS- “When to say NO in Aesthetics”

10:15-10.45     Mr Rajiv Grover Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Former President of BAAPS “Let’s Talk Turkey:

                          Anatomy of the jawline & neck plus strategies for rejuvenation”

10.45-11.10      Dr Hilary Jones to Chair Forum on Infections and Complications Dr Patrick Treacy ,Mr Rajiv Grover,

                           Dr Tapan Patel ,Mr Nigel Mercer

11:10-11:40      Morning break

11:40- 12.20     Dr Tapan Patel – video presentation “Full Face treatment with Botox & fillers”

12.20- 13.00     Dr Patrick Treacy “Complications with fillers and Botox”

13:00-13:55      Lunch

13:55-14:00      Welcome to afternoon session with Conference Director, Dr Ruth Harker

14:00-14:20      Live Demo by Dr Sabrina Shah-Desai 

14.20-14.40       Non Surgical treatment of Lax Periorbital Skin with the new thermal mechanical procedure (Tixel)

                            and Restoring Volume with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

14:40-15:00      Mr Philip Coleridge-Smith “SCLEROTHERAPY” 

15:00-15.30       Dr James Britton Consultant Dermatologist “Dermatological Infections”

15:30-16:00      Afternoon break

16:00-16:20     Live demo Dr Aamer Khan – “Combined Non Surgical Facelift with advance techniques”

16.20-16.50      Live demo Dr Nestor Demothenous & Dr Victoria Manning “Combination threads with long lasting

                            collagen stimulating filler”

16:50-17.10       Dr Miguel Montero “Comparison of vascular products/technologies”

17.10-17.30       Dr Kuldeep Minocha “An individualised approach to treating the full face”

17:30-19:00      Drinks reception – Sponsored by Enhance Insurance