Main Programme

Main Programme

Main Agenda – Assembly Hall

08:30-09:15    AGM – FULL MEMBERS ONLY

09:15              Welcome to morning session with Conference Director, Dr Ruth Harker

09:15-09:35   “Tear Troughs” Live Demo with Sabrina Shah Desai

09:35-10.00   “Midface and lower face volumisation and contouring using dermal fillers” Live Demo with Dr Zunaid Alli

10.00-10.25    “Young and mature patients: how to appear young attractive when you are 30 and 70” with Dr Beatriz Molina

10:25-10.45     “Vascular complications of dermal fillers. Myths and realities of diagnosis, treatment and prevention”

                            with Dr Bhojani Lynch

10.45-11.00      Dr Hilary Jones to Chair Forum on Infections and Complications with Dr Sabrina Shah Desai, Mr Dalvi Humzah,

                           Dr Lucy Glancey, Dr Tapan Patel

11:00-11:30      Morning break

11:30- 12.00    “Update of the International Guidelines for Blindness following Filler Injections” with Mr Dalvi Humzah

12.00- 12.40    “Full face treatment with Botox & Fillers” Video Presentation with Dr Tapan Patel

12.40-13.00      “The Brazilian Butt Lift revolution – how can we improve its safety” with Dr Lucy Glancey

13:00-13:55      Lunch

13:55-14:00      Welcome to afternoon session with Conference Director, Dr Ruth Harker

14:00-14:35      “Modifying the perception of facial mood and health using fillers” Live Demo with Dr Raj Acquilla

14:35-15:10       “Optimising Filler placement” Live Demo with Dr Kate Goldie

15.10-15.40       “Skin conditions for the aesthetic practitioner & how to manage them” with Dr Sandeep Cliff

15:40-16:00      Afternoon break

16:00-16:25     “3 Reasons to be very Worried” with Glyn Woodhouse Partner at BDO

16.25-16.45      Founder Members panel discussion “The most important aesthetic developments in the 21st Century” with

                           Dr Rita Rakus, Dr Samantha Gammell, Dr Paul Cronin, Dr Beatriz Molina

16:45-17.10      “Help! I’m being sued! Top Tips from a Medical Lawyer” with Alaw Owen Partner at Hill Dickinson

17.10-17.30      “Skincare- the Educated Patient” – Speaker to be confirmed

17.30-19:00     Drinks Reception

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