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BCAM Unveils New Branding, Website & Logo In 20th Anniversary Year

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) has announced a milestone in its history – new branding, a state-of-the-art website and a modernised logo to celebrate its 20th anniversary year.

BCAM President Dr Uliana Gout said: “We are thrilled to be celebrating BCAM’s 20th anniversary alongside our members, stakeholders, partners, sponsors and journalist colleagues! Thank you for your continued support and the positive messages we have received.

“The BCAM Board, Professional Services Team, our website and logo partner Light Media and the BCAM Founding Members Branding, Website and Logo Committee have worked tirelessly since February 2020 to move the branding, website and logo forward to reflect our charity status, our mission and values.”

New BCAM Branding & Website

The branding and website project is part of BCAM’s strategy for the growth and development of the College. It is an important step towards modernising the organisation and improving its processes and procedures, bringing everything online and streamlining operations so they are more efficient and effective.

The new website also recognises BCAM’s commitment to its charity status, providing information, guidance and education to the public with the aim of improving safety and helping them to access trained and experienced aesthetic practitioners who are all qualified doctors and dentists.

Dr Aggie Zatonska, BCAM Trustee for PR and International Relations, explained that the website was the biggest single investment in the College’s history and would modernise all its processes while improving connectivity with members.

She said: “BCAM is really leading the way with this new website and members will notice a big difference in the way they interact with the College online. They can access all their certificates, event bookings and membership details with a single click – it really is that simple!

“BCAM is forging ahead with its international relationships and this new website and logo will be instantly recognisable around the world. We’re future-proofing BCAM for the next 20 amazing years.”

New BCAM Logo

BCAM’s original circular logo represented letters in the College’s initial name – the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors – and had been used consistently for 20 years, even after the name change in 2012. In BCAM’s 20th anniversary year, so the Board of Trustees decided there was no better time to update and revitalise the College’s image in celebration of this incredible milestone.

Light Media partnered with BCAM in developing the new branding, website and logo and together with the BCAM Founding Members Branding, Website and Logo Committee comprising Dr Rita Rakus, Dr John Curran, Dr Mike Comins and Dr Paul Cronin, and the Board have worked tirelessly over the last year to create a new emblem that better reflected the College’s current name and underpinned its latest vision, mission and objectives.           

BCAM Trustee Dr Bhavjit Kaur, who is responsible for Membership Engagement and PR, co-led the logo creation team with BCAM Trustee Dr Aggie Zatonska. She said it was a huge responsibility to create a new logo image to replace one that had stood the test of time for over 20 years.

“We wanted to ensure we were creating something with relevance and authority, which is why we dedicated so much time to the project. It was important to draw on the knowledge of some of our oldest members who were the pioneers of aesthetic medicine in the UK. We are really excited to share the logo and hope it will soon become synonymous with BCAM’s name,” she said.

The development of the logo, which took 18 months to complete, involved several creative teams including graphic designers, the BCAM Trustees and Professional Services Team and some of the College’s earliest members who made up the BCAM Founding Member Logo Committee.

Dr Rakus, who came up with the idea for the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors with Dr Patrick Bowler, said: “It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since Patrick and I first discussed the idea of a membership association for aesthetic practitioners, and I was delighted to be involved in the creation of the new logo. It’s such an exciting time in the College’s history and the new logo and website are a fantastic way to take BCAM forward – here’s to the next 20 years!”

There are two versions of the new logo – one with wrap-around writing and one with writing alongside the image to ensure it is as flexible and adaptable as possible.

BCAM Member Badges

BCAM members have been sent lapel badges depicting the new logo to mark this significant milestone, which the College hopes they will wear throughout the anniversary year.

The badges have been funded through sponsorship from companies who wanted to help celebrate BCAM’s anniversary.

Claire Britcher, BCAM’s Communications Coordinator, said: “It’s such an exciting time for the College and we wanted to create something that members would be proud to wear.

“BCAM has grown into a modern, strategic, fast-paced organisation and we are very proud to be recognising our heritage and celebrating our future during our 20th anniversary year.”

Dr Paul Cronin, one of the College’s earliest members who was involved in the logo development project, said: “After 20 years we wanted to reflect our commitment to medicine, education and standard setting. We wanted BCAM to be a beacon of knowledge and skills and training and I hope our new logo expresses that well.”


BCAM honorary member Rajiv Grover said: “What has impressed me enormously and kept me enthusiastic to maintain my links with BCAM is their drive to raise standards and develop this sector as a medical specialty in its own right."

Former BCAM president Dr John Curran said: “I’m proud to be a BCAM member and I want to say congratulations on the initiative of creating a new logo. It’s a new face for the public about the values of BCAM and I want to thank all of those who have worked so hard behind the scenes to bring about this 20th anniversary celebration.”

BCAM Company Secretary Dr Philip Dobson was instrumental in helping the College to attain charity status and has driven the logo design and website projects forward with the aim of modernising the College.

He said: “BCAM has worked consistently over the years to raise standards in aesthetic medicine and to educate the public, and these elements are recognised in BCAM’s new logo. The College’s founders are still very active, offering advice and support to new members and promoting excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine, so we’re delighted to be joined by them to celebrate this significant milestone.”

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