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BCAM Launches Sustainability Initiative To Encourage Change in Aesthetic Clinics

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) is encouraging its members to make their clinics more sustainable by sharing tips in newsletters and collaborating with enthusiasts who are driving change in the sector.

Sustainability is one of BCAM’s key issues for 2022 and the College has launched an initiative to help its c400 members make simple changes that have a big impact including recycling waste, employing non paper-based clinic systems and choosing suppliers who use ethical packaging.

BCAM Trustee Dr Bhavjit Kaur, who is responsible for Membership & PR, said: “Unfortunately aesthetic medicine is behind the curve when it comes to sustainability. We see manufacturers packaging single syringes in boxes or using cellophane wrapping, and some clinics still have paper-based systems for consent documents or give out products in plastic bags.

“As the UK’s leading organisation for doctors and dentists practising aesthetic medicine, BCAM is taking the initiative and providing members with practical solutions to make their clinics more sustainable. We also plan to encourage suppliers to offer greener options with their packaging, and it’s encouraging that there are already handful of pharma companies that are taking sustainability seriously.”

BCAM is collaborating with Ron Myers who has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and established the Consulting Room Group in 2002. Ron has completed a course in Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge and launched the ‘Sustainability in Aesthetics’ Facebook group to share best practice and engage with those who are committed to making a change.

Mr Myers said: “I’m really pleased that BCAM is raising this important subject amongst its members and the wider industry. Apart from the environmental benefits of starting to address the issues that affect us all, we are at a tipping point where consumers are increasingly looking to spend their money with companies who are making changes and talking about this in their marketing.

“In an increasingly competitive sector, clinics who successfully incorporate sustainability practices into their business model can benefit by using this as an additional differentiating factor in their marketing.”

BCAM is publishing regular sustainability tips in its fortnightly newsletter and has asked members to share their own ideas so they can be passed on to others.

BCAM President Dr Uliana Gout said: “We owe it to future generations to protect the planet and make ethical choices when it comes to recycling and sustainable resources. We’re used to recycling and making greener choices in our homes so BCAM wants its members to think about how they can make a contribution in their clinics too.”

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