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Joint Press Release from British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM)


The DHSC released its consultation document on the future of licensing for aesthetic treatments in England today, Saturday 2nd September 2023. This consultation considers which treatments could be included in a license for practitioners and invites responses from the public.

The BACN and BCAM Professional Associations represent nearly 2000 medically registered Health Care Professionals practising in the medical aesthetic speciality.  Both Associations are synonymous in their position and medical approach to aesthetic procedures. Public safety is not only key, in light of this pivotal consultation, but a focus shared by both professional associations. We will continue to campaign for a medical approach to be at the forefront of aesthetic procedures as a critical part of the licensing process.

Both Associations have consistently maintained a medical approach to aesthetic procedures, intrinsic to both organisations Code of Conduct.  We will be analysing and sharing the findings and proposals in the document from the DHSC and submitting detailed comments.

Sharon Bennett – Chair – BACN said,

‘The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses supports any move towards regulation which puts patient safety at the heart of its agenda. Together we will be working with BCAM, and other stakeholders to ensure that any member of the public undergoing a medical aesthetic treatment is given the “reasonable standard of care” as expected in any medical treatment’.

Catherine Fairis – President BCAM said,

‘The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) welcomes licensing, especially if it puts patient safety at the centre of its agenda by promoting the medical model of aesthetics. We want to work collaboratively with BACN and the other main stake holders to ensure that this consultation achieves the most effectual licencing policy for aesthetics in the UK’.

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Catherine Fairris


Sharon Bennett

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