Press Release Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) Jan 2018

JCCP Press Release – January 2018

JCCP Registers Going Live on the 1st March 2018


The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) is pleased to announce: • JCCP and CPSA official launch at the House of Lords – 22nd February, 2018 • JCCP opens Practitioner Register and Register of Approved Training Providers on 1st March 2018 • Governance Arrangements now approved and operational • New CPSA practice standards for the non-surgical cosmetic and hair restoration surgery sector to be published and endorsed by the JCCP in February, 2018
The JCCP, under the leadership of Professor David Sines CBE, has spent the last two years working with multiple stakeholders to deliver a new voluntary regulatory body to oversee both patient safety and public protection in the cosmetic sector. In order to achieve these aims it has worked seamlessly with its sister body the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) to ensure that a new and comprehensive evidence-based set of practice and education standards is delivered to achieve full implementation across the sector in England. These new and refreshed standards build on work undertaken previously by Health Education England (The HEE Education and Training Framework for Non-Surgical and Hair Restoration Surgical Practitioners) that was approved by the Department of Health and published in January, 2016.

The CPSA has consulted widely on its new proposed practice/clinical standards. The full framework will be published by March, 2018.

The JCCP will adopt these standards and use the same in conjunction with its own complementary Education Standards to establish and implement the entry requirements to the JCCP ‘Practitioner Register’ which will go live on 1st March 2018. Further details on how to join this register will be announced in the coming weeks.
The practice and educational standards and competencies will also inform the publication of a new framework of benchmark standards that will underpin the establishment of the JCCP Register of Approved Education and Training Providers. The entry requirements and processes for seeking approval for entry to this register are currently being ‘tested’ with a selected range of education/training organisations. The JCCP Register of Education and Training Providers will also launch on the 1st March, 2018.

The JCCP has now implemented its full governance structure including: • A Board of Trustees – Chair – Professor David Sines CBE • Committees for the ‘Practitioner Register’ (including Fitness to Practice Structures) – Chair – Professor Mary Lovegrove OBE, ‘Education and Training’ (Chair – Associate Professor Anne McNall) and a ‘Policy and Resources Committee’.

In addition, the JCCP has established a ‘Stakeholder Council’ to be independently chaired by one its Trustees – Dr. Andrew Valance Owen MBE. The Stakeholder Council will be open to members of the public and to stakeholders from across the industry. The Stakeholder Council will provide a platform to consult with members of the public and other key stakeholders and enable the JCCP to share and elicit feedback on its role and function, whilst assisting the Council also to measure its impact on the sector.

The JCCP will also be announcing in the next few weeks the outcome of its applications to become a registered public, not for profit Charity and to be an approved/accredited PSA Register.

Professor David Sines CBE – Chair – JCCP said,
‘It is an incredible honour to be able to launch the JCCP after what is in effect four years of consistent and consolidated work undertaken by multiple stakeholders, who together have worked tirelessly to co-design the Council’ governance and operating systems and to assist in setting standards to assist in the regulation of the non-surgical cosmetic and hair restoration sector. This has only been made possible by the immense range of support provided on a voluntary basis by so many representatives from across the sector. I pay special tribute also to my colleagues at the CPSA – chaired by Simon Withey – who together (and for the first time) have managed the complexity involved to develop a comprehensive set of practice standards for implementation across the sector, for use by all practitioners.’

The JCCP and CPSA will be making a number of further announcements over the coming weeks as they move towards the formal launch of the two Organisations and the opening of the Registers.

For further information contact:

Professor David Sines CBE Chair – JCCP